On what Christmas really was, part 1

Most of us already know the Christmas story.   Not the Santa and his reindeer one,  but the story of the birth of Christ.

Read it in Luke 1 and 2, and Matthew 1:18 and on a little while.

Some of the things to note in this story, if you read it at face value, that they don’t tell you in Sunday school or pretty picture books…

I’m digging into this for the next couple days.


Let’s start into the whole virgin birth thing.   Besides the fact that it’s a bit crazy to think of, there are few things that no one seems to think of during advent.

First, Joseph considered divorcing Mary!  WHAT.

It states in Matthew 1:19 “and Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to divorce her quietly.”

resolved.  He had it stick in his heart to divorce her.  At least he wanted to do it quietly and not make a scene about it.  She was pregnant after all, and not by him.

And who can blame him here?

What if your fiancee (who has never been with anyone) comes up to you and said that an angel came to her and told her she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit?

I wouldn’t have believed her either.

Thankfully, an angel visited him and told him not to worry.


How did Mary tell her mother?  What would she (her mother) have thought?

Did she notice Mary started being able to smell the bread from across the house?  When she noticed her looking a bit off?  Did she with her motherly senses know something was up?

How did Mary tell her father?  How awkward would that be!  Oh gosh.  Her wedding might be ruined!  Her marriage to a respectable, albeit poor man might be completely off.  In that day and age, this was a big deal.


Now, the Bible does tell us that she went off to visit her relative Elizabeth, who was also pregnant.  But I do see that it doesn’t say why, besides “she went with haste”.  Was Mary kicked out of her house?  Could she just not handle the pressure of her parents disappointment?

It’s possible.


Can you imagine that?  What kind of pregnancy was this??  Crazy things.

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