Check this guy out!wasp mantis on screenSO I saw this guy back in June.  I thought – EEP!  A WASP get it out of my house.  (Probably came in through that hole in my screen…oh well)

wasp mantis Upon camera inspection (he DID have cool wings), it looks like a mantis of some sort!  With the triangle shaped head and everything!

hi-yah!Even the little mantis – stab is there…

wasp mantis stretchWOW.  So cool, I’ve never seen mantids other than the big green or brown ones.  I’ll have to send the pics to our local cooperative extension and see if they know what it is, ’cause whatever it is, it’s beautiful.wasp mantis top view

And it MUST be a mantis, because here it’s cleaning it’s feet.  What kind of wasp have you ever seen clean up like that?  
i need a pedi so badly...So cool.  


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