Cream Legbars are getting so big!

My Cream Legbars! They’re getting SO BIG!


Right now I’m left with two roosters and a little pullet(above); poor thing everybody picks on her and she goes “CHEEP” when they peck her.  She isn’t to SOP standard either, which bums me out, so I shouldn’t really breed her. I might sell the three of them, and try a different breed with standards that aren’t so nitpicky or snobby next year.


I really don’t enjoy the snobbery I’ve faced around and about the Cream Legbar breed; its enough to make me want out.  Most of the birds I’ve seen out here don’t have cream anyways, so why can’t they just be ok with cream AND gold??  Sighh.  They’re still beautiful!  Maybe I’ll develop my own breed, the “gilded legbar”.  And breed for gold; with the rooster being stripey BUT yellow-gold.  The ‘roo has some splotches of yellow-gold in him as it is.

I’m considering bielefelders next year instead…also auto-sexing, but brown eggers and a reputed better personality.


Unfortunately the one rooster that is contrary to the SOP (bad comb!  big no-no) is the one that is nice to her and less of a jerk – I’m trying to find a new home for him. Anyone want him?  The above is his bro, the one I’m keeping.  I call him “Mr.Darcy”.

Roxy, my barred plymouth rock, is the first to lay an egg!   They’re so little, but they’re getting bigger and she’s consistently laying day after day.  You go girl! First egg!That deserves a chicken selfie!

First egg deserves a selfie!

I love this girl, she’s the tamest, friendliest and best chicken I’ve ever had so far.  Bah rare breeds…maybe I’ll just get a bunch of beautiful plymouth rocks next year instead!!!


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