It pays to always have your camera around, and to be patient!  We were sitting on our bench in the back by our pond (we do this often), and lo and behold!  A critter!

look closely...

Look closely…

I swung the zoom lens into action and voila!  A WEASEL!  He was hard to get a picture of, I’ve never seen a mammal zoom through the woods that fast.


“Why hello, who’re you?”

Actually, it’s an “ermine” weasel, a short-tailed weasel – noted by the black tip of the tail.  In the winter he’ll be white.

mmm tastes like chicken

“What is that over there? Chickens??”

So cool.  Poor chickens, yet another creature that eats them…

he went past fast!

” ‘scuse me, gotta go!”



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