Tiger beetle – defender of the sidewalk!

Check out this fella, ain’t he a ‘beaut?  I believe he’s a Cicindela sexguttata or “six-spotted tiger beetle”.

"this is my good side"This gorgeous guy has been hanging out on our sidewalk for a few days; prowling about, looking for dinner in the form of other bugs.

Besides the fabulous metallic green, they’re fast too- even so I wouldn’t want to be a tender, soft, nuggety caterpillar wandering these parts with this guy on the prowl!

Apparently their lifespan is just under 5 years – which means this could be the very same one I saw last year a-prowling about in the same space.  Hello again!  And Rrrawrr!  (Is this the proper tiger-beetle greeting?  Please correct me if you must.)

watch me run!

I hope he eats carpenter ants.  Go get ’em tiger!


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