Strawberry Guard-en!

The strawberries are coming!  The strawberries are coming!

I have to guard these precious nuggets from the chipmunks, birds, bunnies, woodchucks, mice, voles, slugs, husbands… pretty much everything.

SO after getting NO strawberries last year, I dug a trench around the bed, and sunk in my hardware cloth, 2′ high and a few inches into the ground, and covered it with chicken wire.  Whether or not this is going to actually work is beyond me, I have to actually get to the berries too.   I put the chicken wire on top since bees need to get in there too!  I’m not into hand pollinating…sheesh. protected!

I clipped the chicken wire on the harvesting side with binder clips (hey, I had a bunch lying around ok? Don’t judge!).  The opposite side is zip-tied shut.   I didn’t make it permanent since we get lots of snow, you know.

NO CHIPMUNKS ALLOWED!  Although one did get stuck in there yesterday.  Scared the poor chipmunk squirts out of him when he saw me coming! close up, caged

Well, since that instance, and it’s nap time, I’m going out with more zip ties to tie it down.




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