Strawberry dew drops

SO I lied to you in the title of this post.


Not really.  I think the title would make an EXCELLENT my little-pony character name.

The little drops on the strawberry leaves as seen below are NOT actually dew drops.  What you’re seeing is the plant releasing excess water from the night through specialized pores called “guttation”.


Overnight, many plants close their stomata (breathing holes essentially) so that transpiration does not occur.  BUT the water potential (psi) inside the roots is lower than outside the roots,  SO water flows into the roots- and doesn’t go anywhere…creating a pressure problem, so some leaves have a special gland/modified stomata called a “hydathode”.

Hydathodes are usually located on the tips of leaves on a tooth or serration of the leaf, as you can see on the strawberries here.  They’re often located on moisture loving plants or water plants, which makes sense – those plants would want a way to get rid of excess water.

In science terms, guttation is – positive xylem pressure which causes liquid to drip from hyadathodes, which are essentially modified stomata(pores).


Ah, spring.  I still think “strawberry dew-drops” is a great name.

For a my little pony.  Not a human.



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